Please get “eduroam account” before leaving for SSDM2018

SSDM2018 will be held at several sites in the campus of the University of Tokyo (UTokyo). We would like to encourage those who are university/institute researchers or students to obtain "eduroam account" (eduroam is an international roaming service) for accessing WiFi services provided by UTokyo. Since authentication of users is performed by your home institution, please contact the information technology center in your institutes as soon as possible before leaving for SSDM2018.
For non-educational institute members, we will provide a limited number of guest accounts for WiFi access on site.
We hope that all of you enjoy SSDM2018 at UTokyo.

Hotel bookings
NOTE! Please be aware that there are some companies approaching Speakers about hotel room bookings.
We would like to make you aware that this is in no way linked to SSDM 2018. Don’t give away any credit card details!
Akamon of Todai in August

Akamon of Todai in August

Starbucks at Todai

Starbucks at Todai

Welcome to SSDM2018

With its 50th annual conference being held in 2018, SSDM is one of the most reputable international conferences regarding science and technology in devices and materials. SSDM covers a wide spectrum of topics related to solid state devices and materials. In order to facilitate active discussion among various communities, the subcommittees have been rearranged and 12 areas have been newly set up.

Key researchers will also be invited from all over the world. Your contribution is highly solicited from both industry and academia. A special issue of the Japanese Journal of Applied Physics (JJAP) focusing on this conference is scheduled to be published. Exhibition booths will also be set up for companies and agencies that may exhibit devices, technologies and information relevant to the research and development efforts to approximately 1,000 participants. If you are interested in setting up a booth, please contact the secretariat.

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Official Program & Abstract Official Program & Abstract for iOS/Android Now Available for Online Registration & Hotel Reservation
  • SSDM2018 Industrial Session - Get the Flyer
    SSDM2018 Industrial Session
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  • SSDM2018 Short Courses - Get the Flyer
    SSDM2018 Short Courses
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  • SSDM2018 Special Short Course - Get the Flyer
    SSDM2018 Special Short Course
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  • SSDM2018 Special Symposium - Get the Flyer
    SSDM2018 Special Symposium
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SSDM2018 Program Time Table Advance Program

Paper Deadlines

  • JJAP Special Issues Deadline : October 1, 2018
  • Late News Submission Deadline : April 27, 2018 [CLOSED]
  • Regular Paper Deadline : July 11, 2018 [CLOSED]
SSDM Archive: Open Access AVS Endorsed

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