Invited Speakers

Area 1 Advanced CMOS: Material Fundamentals, Process Science and Device Physics

Area 2 Advanced / Emerging Memories and New Applications

Area 3 Interconnect / 3D Integrations / MEMS

Area 4 Power Devices / High-speed Devices, and Materials

Area 5 Photonics: Devices, Integration and Related Technology

Area 6 Photovoltaic / Energy Harvesting / Battery-related Technology

Area 7 Organic / Molecular / Bio-electronics

Area 8 Low Dimensional Devices and Materials

Area 9 Novel Functional / Quantum / Spintronic Devices and Materials

Area 10 Thin Film Electronics: Oxide, Non-single Crystalline and Novel Process

Area 11 Advanced Materials Synthesis, Crystal Growth and Characterization

Special Advanced Circuits/Systems Interacting with Innovative Devices & Materials

Topical session 1: Information sensing devices and systems

Overview: In the internet-of-things (IoT) era, our life is leveraged by large number of sensing devices and systems, which capture big data through optical, chemical, bio-chemical, electrochemical, magnetic, acoustic and mechanical means. Sensing vital signs of human and other living things, information for efficient and secure automation in transportation and manufacturing scenes with artificial intelligence, conditions of natural environment and agricultural fields are full of challenges and opportunities for those sensing devices and systems. In this topic, world leading researchers will present the fundamentals and their latest works in this field.

Topical session 2: Energy-efficient power electronics

Overview: Energy efficient systems must be established for the sustainable world. High efficiency and compact electronics for electric power conversion, conditioning/controlling as well as energy generation/harvesting/storing will innovate infrastructure of our society, automotive and train systems in addition to IoT devices. Innovative co-design of advanced wide bandgap or Si devices, packages, circuits and systems including controlling methods is essential for low loss and high power density systems and green future. Research activities to directly link between innovative devices and circuits/systems leveraging the full potential of material characteristics will be covered by invited speakers from industry and academia.