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The 2004 International Conference on Solid State Devices and Materials (SSDM 2005) will be held from September 14, Tuesday, through September 17, Friday, 2004 at Tower Hall Funabori, Tokyo, Japan.

This conference is one of the most important and prestigious international conferences held in Japan. The SSDM has provided a good opportunity to present and discuss key aspects of solid state devices and materials since it started in 1969. From the 1999 conference, fourteen program sub-committees have been established to further advance the SSDM conference activity. This organizational change has led to higher quality paper selection, which results in a higher level of presentations and discussions in the various potential subject areas. The conference has 9 sub-committees in Core Areas and 5 sub-committees in Strategic Areas, as shown below, which are continuously focused on pointing out the future directions in solid state devices and materials research. In addition to the main conference program, one-day short courses are scheduled for before the conference on Tuesday, September 14, which offer tutorial lectures on interesting topics.