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History of SSDM Young Researcher Award

Year of AwardYear of presentationPresentation numberPaper TitleAwarded AuthorAffiliation (Country)
2013 D-3-2 Channel Length Scaling Limits of III-V Channel MOSFETs Governed by Source-Drain Direct Tunneling S. Koba Kobe Univ., Japan
A-2-4 Excellent Scalability Including Self-Heating Phenomena of Vertical-Channel Field-Effect-Diode (FED) Type Capacitorless One Transistor DRAM Cell T. Imamoto Tohoku Univ., Japan
K-1-3 High Speed Waveguide Integrated Lateral P-I-N Ge on Si Photodiode with very Low Dark Current L. Virot Institut d'Electronique Fondamentale, CEA-Leti and STMicroelectronics, France
G-1-5 An implantable CMOS device for functional brain imaging under freely moving experiments of rats M. Haruta Nara Inst. of Sci. and Tech., Japan
F-1-5 Gate Control of Spatial Electron Spin Distribution in Persistent Spin Helix State Y. Kunihashi NTT BRL, Japan
C-3-3 Transport Properties and Defects at the Intersection of CVD Graphene Domains Y. Ogawa Kyushu Univ., Japan
2012 D-6-4 Nickel Stanogermanide Ohmic Contact on N-type Germanium-Tin (Ge1-xSnx) using Se and S Implant and Segregation Y. Tong National Univ. of Singapore, Singapore
G-2-3 Integration of 1-bit CMOS Address Decoders and Single-Electron Transistors Operating at Room Temperature R. Suzuki Univ. of Tokyo, Japan
I-9-3 Shape-memory polymer microvalves and its application to a field-programmable valve array H. Takehara Univ. of Tokyo, Japan
C-5-5L Graphene ReRAM towards All Graphene LSIs: Experimental Demonstration of Two-terminal ReRAM Operation in Electrically Broken Mono- and Multi-layer Graphene A. Shindome Tokyo Tech and Keio Univ., Japan
2011 E-3-3 On the Si Surface Flattening Effect and Gate Insulator Breakdown Characteristic of Radical Reaction Based Insulator Formation Technology R. Kuroda Tohoku Univ., Japan
C-3-1 Improvement of thermal stability in High Density Ta2O5 3D capacitor by additional thin SiO2 layer M. Detalle IMEC, Belgium
D-8-4 Enhanced Degradation by NBT stress in Si Nanowire Transistor K. Ota Toshiba Corp., Japan
H-4-4 Brain interface device with permeable hydrogel membrane for in vivo analysis of neural cells H. Takehara Univ. of Tokyo, Japan
2010 B-2-2 Single-Crystalline (100) Ge Stripes with High Mobilities Formed on Insulating Substrates by Rapid-Melting-Growth with Artificial Single-Crystal Si Seeds K. Toko Kyushu Univ., Japan
E-3-5 Dynamics of the Charge Centroid in MONOS Memory Cells during Avalanche Injection and FN Injection Based on Incremental-Step-Pulse-Programming J. Fujiki Toshiba Corp., Japan
I-5-3 The Unique Phenomenon in the Amorphous In2O3-Ga2O3-ZnO TFTs Degradation under the Dynamic Stress M. Fujii NAIST, Japan
D-4-3 Demonstration of a Silicon photonic Crystal Slab LED with Efficient Electroluminescence S. Nakayama Univ. of Tokyo, Japan
2009 B-7-1 High Electron Mobility Ge n-Channel MOSFETs with GeO2 grown by High Pressure Oxidation C. H. Lee Univ. of Tokyo, Japan
D-4-2 Effect of Via-Profile on the Via Reliability in Scaled-down Low-k/Cu Interconnects I. Kume NEC Electronics Corp., Japan
G-7-2 Physical model for reset state of Ta2O5/TiO2 stacked ReRAM Y. Sakotsubo NEC Corp., Japan
I-1-7 Demonstration of Quality Factor over 10,000 in Three-Dimensional Photonic Crystal Nanocavity by Cavity Size Control A. Tandaechanurat Univ. of Tokyo, Japan
I-4-2 Fabrication of InAs Nanowire Vertical Surrounding-Gate Field Effect Transistor on Si Substrates T. Tanaka Hokkaido Univ., Japan
2008 C-7-1 Low-Loss Magnetic Films of Ni-Zn Ferrite by Low-Temperature PVD Method for RF-CMOS Application K. Kaneko NEC Electronics Corp., Japan
J-9-2 Resistive Switching Ion-Plug Memory for 32-nm Technology Node and Beyond K. Ono Hitachi Ltd., Japan
I-9-4 Direct Observation of Field-Induced Carrier Dynamics in Pentacene Thin-film Transistors by ESR Spectroscopy H. Matsui AIST and Univ. of Tokyo, Japan
E-6-2 Development of a CMOS image sensor for in situ brain functional imaging in freely-moving mouse A. Tagawa NAIST
C-3-3 Huge Magnetoresistance Effect in Semiconductor based Nanostructures with Zinc-blende MnAs Nanoparticles P. N. Hai Univ. of Tokyo, Japan
2007 J-8-2 Two-Dimensional Electron Gas Switching in an Ultra Thin Epitaxial ZnO Layer on a Ferroelectric Gate Structure Y. Kaneko Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., Japan
D-3-1 A 0.49-6.50 GHz Wideband LC-VCO with High-IRR in a 180 nm CMOS Technology Y. Kobayashi Tokyo Tech., Japan
H-8-1 Hall effect measurements of polycrystalline pentacene TFTs with double gate structures Y. Takamatsu Univ. of Tokyo, Japan
D-7-4 Rapid and High Sensitive Detection of Bacteria Sensor using a Porous Ion Exchange Film K. Miyano Osaka Univ., Japan
J-9-5 Single charge sensitivity of single-walled carbon nanotube single-hole transistor T. Kamimura Osaka Univ.and CREST-JST, Japan
2006 J-7-4 The Highly Reliable Evaluation of Mobility in an Ultra Thin High-k Gate Stack with an Advanced Pulse Measurement Method R. Iijima Toshiba Corp., Japna
E-10-3 High Critical Electric Field Exceeding 8 MV/cm Measured Using AlGaN p-i-n Vertical Conducting Diode on n-SiC Substrate A. Nishikawa NTT Basic Research Labs., NTT Corp., Japan
F-2-2 A Highly Reliable MIM Technology with non-Crystallized HfOx Dielectrics Using Novel MOCVD Stacked TiN Bottom Electrodes T. Ohtsuka Panasonic Semiconductor Engineering Co., Ltd., Japan
D-7-4 Analysis of hole trapping into pentacene FET by Optical Second Harmonic Generation and C-V measurements E. Lim Tokyo Tech, Japan
H-8-1 Strained SiGe-On-Insulator N-MOSFET with Silicon Source/Drain for Drive Current Enhancement G. H. Wang National Univ. of Singapore, Singapore
2005 A-3-2 Permittivity Enhancement of Hf(1-x) Six O2 Film with High Temperature Annealing K. Tomida Univ. of Tokyo, Japan
F-10-3 A pixel circuit for AMOLED consisting of OTFTs and OLED K. B. Choe Dong-A Univ., Korea
G-2-8 Fowler-Nordheim current oscillations in Si(111)/SiO2/twisted-Si(111) tunneling structures D. Moraru Shizuoka University, Japan
I-5-2 Normally-off Operation of Non-polar AlGaN/GaN Heterojunction FETs Grown on R-plane Sapphire M. Kuroda Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., Japan
2004 A-5-1 Successful CMOS Operation of Dopant-Segregation Schottky Barrier Transistors (DS-SBTs) A. Kinoshita Toshiba Corp., Japan
B-10-3 Planar Double Gate CMOS transistors with 40nm metal gate for multipurpose applications M. Vinet CEA/DRT-LETI, France
H-2-3 Room-Temperature Demonstration of Low-Voltage Static Memory Based on Negative Differential Conductance in Silicon Single-Hole Transistors M. Saitoh Univ. of Tokyo, Japan
F-10-3 Bending and recovery tests of organic field-effect transistors T. Sekitani Univ. of Tokyo, Japan
2003 A-2-4 Comparison of the Interconnect Capacitances for Various SRAM Cell Layouts to Achieve High Speed, Low Power SRAM Cells Y. Tsukamoto Renesas Technology Corp., Japan
D-1-5 Measurement of Extension Structures in Deep Sub-Micron MOSFETs by Scanning Capacitance Microscopy based on Frequency Modulation Control Y. Naitou NEC Corp., Japan
E-3-3 Electronic Charged States of Single Si Quantum Dots with Ge Core as Detected by AFM/Kelvin Probe Technique Y. Darma Hiroshima Univ., Japan
F-7-2 Coupled Waveguide Devices Based on Autocloned Photonic Crystals M. Shirane NEC Corp., Japan
G-4-2 Micro Cu Bump Interconnection on 3D Chip Stacking Technology K. Tanida ASET, Japan