Rump Sessions

Rump Sessions will be held on September 29 from 19:10 to 20:40 at Middle-Sized Hall A,B.

RUMP SESSION A Can we change the world by Steep-Slope devices?

The Big Data Age has come.
In this era, processors are required to furnish high performance at ultra-low operation voltage in order to manage enormous sensing data and execute real time processing with extremely low energy consumption. Thus drastic innovations in transistors and logic circuits, such as Steep-Slope devices and stacked logic circuits, are anticipated. This Rump session invites 5 distinguished researchers, introduces the status of developments of Steep-Slope devices and stacked logic circuits, and presents an opportunity to discuss the future of logic devices.

Toshiro Hiramoto The University of Tokyo
Shinji Migita AIST
Shinichi Takagi The University of Tokyo
Masaharu Kobayashi The University of Tokyo
Shigeru Kawanaka Toshiba Corporation
Ru Huang Peking University
Carlo Reita CEA-LETI

RUMP SESSION B Future materials and devices for solar-based energy systems: from power generation to energy storage

Rapid increase in the installation of photovoltaic convinced is a promising progress of a solar-based energy system which is independent from fossil fuel. Large-scale installation of renewable power generation, however, introduces temporal and spatial fluctuation, which highlights the importance of energy storage and power management. Solid-state devices and related technology must play an essential role for such purposes. This session will introduce ongoing research and development on devices and materials for solar energy harvesting, storage and management and future direction will be discussed.

Takashi Kita Kobe University
Masakazu Sugiyama The University of Tokyo
Mutsuko Hatano Tokyo Institute of Technology
Kazuhiro Ohkawa Tokyo University of Science
Hiroji Ebe Fujitsu Labs. Ltd.
Takashi Iwasaki Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd.
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