Invited Speakers

Core Areas

Area 1 Advanced LSI Processing & Materials Science

Area 2 Interconnect Technologies and 3D Integration / Sensor / MEMS Integration / Materials and Characterization

Area 3 CMOS Devices / Device Physics

Area 4 Advanced Memory Technology

Area 5 Advanced Circuits and Systems

Area 6 Compound Semiconductor Electron Devices & Related Technologies

Area 7 Photonic Devices and Related Technologies

Area 8 Advanced Material Synthesis and Crystal Growth Technology

Area 9 Physics and Applications of Novel Functional Devices and Materials

Area 10 Organic Materials Science, Device Physics, Applications and Printed Technologies

Strategic Areas

Area 11 Sensors and Materials for Biology, Chemistry and Medicine

Area 12 Spintronics Materials and Devices

Area 13 Applications of Nanotubes, Nanowires, and Graphene and Related 2D Materials

Area 14 Power Devices and Materials

Area 15 Photovoltaic Materials and Devices