Core Areas

Area 1 Advanced LSI Processing & Materials Science

Chair : O. Nakatsuka (Nagoya Univ.)

Papers related to advanced LSI process technologies and science are solicited, including: (1) Semiconductor device process and integration technologies for Si, Ge, III-V, and emerging materials of high mobility channel, junction/contact, steep-slope transistor, novel memory, heterogeneous functions, etc.; (2) Science and characterizations of nano electronic materials and their interfaces, including novel transistor and memory applications; (3) Reliability physics and modeling; (4) Theoretical and simulation studies for device designs.

Area 2 Interconnect Technologies, MEMS, and Reliability

Chair : M. Fujino (Univ. of Tokyo)

Papers related to interconnect materials, processes and devices are solicited including (1) TSV, microbump, wafer level packaging, 3D integration and, Sensor/MEMS integration; (2) Cu/low-k and packaging; (3) RF or high-speed operation dvice/MMIC integration; (4) optical interconnect; (5) printable, molecular, and carbon-based interconnects; (6) characterization; (7) reliability phenomena and their physics.

Joint session : Area 7 on Optical Interconnects

Area 3 CMOS Devices / Device Physics

Chair : N. Sugii (Hitachi, Ltd.)

Papers related to advanced CMOS device technologies and physics are solicited, including: (1) advanced or extended CMOS devices; (2) energy efficiency optimization technologies including performance-boosting, ultra-low power, subthreshold-slope steepening, etc; (3) physics, modeling or simulation of emerging transistors; (4) reliability assessment; (5) design technology co-optimization (DTCO); (6) manufacturing and yield sciences.

Area 4 Advanced Memory Technology

Chair : T. Sakamoto (NEC Corp.)

Papers related to advanced memory technology are solicited, including: (1) any volatile or nonvolatile memory devices; (2) memory-function related circuit elements; (3) memory device physics, modeling, simulation; (4) process and characterization; (5) materials, reliability or quality; (6) applications including memory based computing and storage class memory.

Joint session : Area 9 on Physics and Applications of Novel Functional Devices and Materials, and Area 12 on Spintronics Materials and Devices.

Area 5 Advanced Circuits and Systems

Chair : I. Akita (Toyohashi Univ. of Tech.)

Papers related to advanced circuits and systems are solicited, including: (1) device-circuit interactions, material and circuit fusion, modeling and related technology; (2) imaging and sensing devices, circuits, systems; (3) circuits, systems and interface for memory and MEMS devices, including RF MEMS; (4) digital, RF analog and mixed-signal circuits; (5) SoC or SiP technology including 3D integrated circuits and systems;

Joint session : Area 4, 10, 11, 12 on Memory, Organic Circuits, and MEMS.

Area 6 Compound Semiconductor Electron Devices & Related Technologies

Chair : T. Suzuki (JAIST)

Papers related to compound semiconductor electron devices are solicited, including: (1) FETs, HFETs, HEMTs, HBTs, or other novel devices; (2) high-voltage or high-temperature electron devices; (3) high-speed devices and ICs; (4) advanced sensors; (5) transparent TFTs; (6) device physics; (7) process and characterization; (8) stability and reliability; (9) novel applications.

Joint session : Area 14 on Power Devices.

Area 7 Photonic Devices and Related Technologies

Chair : H. Isshiki (Univ. of Electro-Communications)

Papers related to photonic devices are solicited, including: (1) lasers, LEDs, photodetectors, optical modulators, optical amplifiers, optical isolators, optical waveguides, wavelength filters and other photonic devices; (2) photonic/optoelectronic integration such as Si photonics; (3) optical interconnects; (4) optical signal processing; (5) optical sensing technologies for living body, in-vehicle, and others, (6) device physics; (7) materials and process technologies; (8) implementation and packaging for optical communication system and LED lighting; (9) novel optical phenomena and applications.

Joint session : Area 2 on Optical Interconnects.
Joint session : Area 12 on Photonics and Spintronics.

Area 8 Advanced Material Synthesis and Crystal Growth Technology

Chair : T. Nagata (NIMS)

Papers related to advanced materials and structures are solicited, including: (1) novel fabrication methods; (2) materials including silicon-related materials, III-V compounds with nitrides, carbon nanomaterials, functional oxides; (3) nanowires and nanoparticles; (4) self-assembly and nanoscale structures; (5) characterization.

Joint session : Area 4, 6, 9 and 13

Area 9 Physics and Applications of Novel Functional Devices and Materials

Chair : T. Tanamoto (Toshiba Corp.)

Papers related to new physics and its applications in novel devices and materials are solicited, including: (1) quantum-mechanical phenomena in low-dimensional structures such as quantum dots, nanowires, and two-dimensional systems; (2) nanodevices utilizing single electron, exciton, photon, plasmon, and other quanta; (3) emerging material systems such as topological insulators, graphene, diamond NV centers, other carbon-based materials, and 2D materials; (4) emerging device systems aiming at neuromorphic computing or neuro science.

Joint session : Area 4, 8, 12 and 13.

Area 10 Organic Materials Science, Device Physics, Applications and Printed Technologies

Chair : T. Shimada (Hokkaido Univ.)

Papers related to organic materials and printed electronics are solicited,
including: (1) organic or printed transistors and circuits; (2) organic light emitting devices;
(3) organic or printed photovoltaics and photodiode; (4) sensors; (5) molecular electronics;
(6) organic-inorganic hybrid systems; (7) interfacial phenomena; (8) process and characterization.

Joint session : Area 11 on Organic Bio-electronics and Area 15 on Organic and Perovskite Solar Cells.

Strategic Areas

Area 11 Sensors and Materials for Biology, Chemistry and Medicine

Chair : T. Sakata (Univ. of Tokyo)

Papers related to biological, chemical and medical applications are solicited, including:
(1) MEMS/NEMS, bio-CMOS, and other chemical/biomedical related devices; (2) µ-TAS and LOC; (3) chemical and medical sensors; (4) imaging and spectroscopy systems; (5) sensors and materials in biological environments.

Joint session : Area 5 on Circuit & Systems for Biomedical Applications and Area 10 on Organic Bio-electronics.

Area 12 Spintronics Materials and Devices

Chair : J. Nitta (Tohoku Univ.)

Papers related to spin-related physics and spintronic materials are solicited, including (1) spin transport; (2) spin-based devices; (3) interaction with light and high-frequency electromagnetic waves; (4) novel material systems.

Joint session : Area 4 on Memory, 5 on Circuit & System, 7 on Photonics, and 9 on Novel devices.

Area 13 Applications of Nanotubes, Nanowires, and Graphene and related 2D materials

Chair : K. Kawaguchi (Fujitsu Labs. Ltd.)

Papers related to low-dimensional materials such as nanotubes, nanowires, graphene, and 2D materials, and their device applications are solicited. The scope includes both experimental and theoretical studies on (1) growth and characterization; (2) fundamental physics; (3) electronic and optical devices; (4) sensors; (5) interconnections; (6) nano-mechanics; (7) novel functional devices.

Joint sessions : Areas 8 and 9 on Graphene and Nanowires.

Area 14 Power Devices and Materials

Chair : D. Hisamoto (Hitachi, Ltd.)

Papers related to power devices, materials (Si/SiC/GaN/Ga2O3/diamond) and applications are solicited, including: (1) materials and physical properties; (2) process and characterization; (3) device physics; (4) reliability and modeling; (5) interconnect, packaging, and module technologies; (5) novel applications.

Joint session : Area 1 on SiC/SiO2 interface and Area 6 on Wide-gap Semiconductors.

Area 15 Photovoltaic Materials and Devices

Chair : K. Ohdaira (JAIST)

Papers related to photovoltaic materials and devices are solicited, including: (1) materials; (2) process and characterization; (3) device physics and simulation/modeling; (4) module technologies, including encapsulation and interconnections.

Joint session : Area 10 on Organic and Perovskite Solar Cells.