Japanese Journal of Applied Physics
Vol. 58, No. SB, Apr. 2019
Solid State Devices and Materials

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The papers in this special issue are open access for one year from the publication.

This special issue focuses on the 2018 International Conference on Solid State Devices and Materials (SSDM2018) held at The University of Tokyo, Japan, from September 9 to 13, 2018, under the sponsorship of the Japan Society of Applied Physics. The purpose of the conference was to bring together scientists and engineers active at the forefront of solid-state devices and materials development and to discuss the latest progress in their respective fields. Through deep discussions, the conference also acted to promote science and industry related to solid-state electronics. SSDM2018 covered a broad area of research and development of significant innovation/improvement of devices and materials, and processing technologies. The 2018 program featured 3 plenary talks, 73 invited papers, 340 contributed oral papers, 243 posters, including 71 late news papers. The conference topics are listed below:

  • 1) Advanced CMOS: Material Fundamentals, Process Science and Device Physics
  • 2) Advanced / Emerging Memories and New Applications
  • 3) Interconnect / 3D Integrations / MEMS
  • 4) Power / High-speed Devices, and Materials
  • 5) Advanced Photonics: Devices, Integration and Related Technology
  • 6) Photovoltaic / Energy Harvesting / Battery-related Technology
  • 7) Organic / Molecular / Bio-electronics
  • 8) Low Dimensional Devices and Materials
  • 9) Novel Functional / Quantum / Spintronic Devices and Materials
  • 10) Thin Film Electronics: Oxide, Non-single Crystalline and Novel Process
  • 11) Advanced Materials Synthesis and Advanced Characterization
  • Special) Advanced Circuits/Systems Interacting with Innovative Devices & Materials

This special issue, published in April, 2019, includes submitted papers by authors who presented their results at the conference, and had their manuscripts accepted in time for publication through the regular reviewing process of the Japanese Journal of Applied Physics (JJAP). The papers are presented as progress review papers, regular papers and brief notes. We sincerely hope that readers who are working in the field of advanced solid-state devices and materials will find this special issue interesting, stimulating and useful.