There are three categories of awards for authors who presented distinguished papers at SSDM.

SSDM Award

The SSDM Award is awarded to researchers who contributed an outstanding paper at the past SSDM conferences.

History of the SSDM Award

SSDM Paper Award (PA)

SSDM Paper Award is awarded to the best paper presented at the last SSDM.

History of the SSDM Paper Award

SSDM Young Researcher Award (YRA)

SSDM Young Researcher Award is awarded to the first authors who presented excellent papers at last SSDM. The author should be 33 years old or younger as of April 1st in the next year of the conference.

* Presenters at SSDM2022 who meet the above requirements is eligible to apply for YRA2023 at the time of paper submission.

History of the SSDM Young Researcher Award

Call for 2022 SSDM Award Nomination

The SSDM Award was established to recognize outstanding contributions to academic or industrial development in the field of solid state devices and materials.
Papers to be nominated for the 2022 SSDM Award should be among those that have been presented between the 1st SSD conference in 1969 and the 48th SSDM conference in 2016.

The SSDM Award will ultimately be decided by the SSDM Organizing Committee after a recommendation is made by the SSDM Award Nomination Committee.

The recommendation will be in accordance with the following two criteria.

  • 1) Originality

    The award-winning selection must be original, and must have had significant theoretical or practical impact in the field of solid state devices and materials.

  • 2) Contribution

    The author(s) of the award-winning selection must have played or be playing a pioneering or leading role, with globally outstanding contributions in the technological field.

Candidate and Nominator Eligibility

  • Candidates Eligible for the Award

    All authors who presented papers between the 1st SSD conference in 1969 and the 48th SSDM conference in 2016, excluding papers written by this year’s Organizing Committee Chair and Award Nomination Committee Chair.

  • Persons Eligible for Nominating Candidates

    Anyone, excluding this year’s members of the SSDM Award Nomination Committee

Notice : Self-nominations are permitted. In the case of self-nomination, at least one endorsement letter (any form is acceptable) from persons other than the authors of the paper must be submitted along with the Nomination Form.

Submission Process for SSDM Award Nominations

The following is the process for submitting nominations.

  • Before deciding on a candidate for the award, confirm the eligibility of nominators and candidates once again.
  • Download the Nomination Form.
    [ SSDM Award Nomination Form (MS-Word) ]
  • Fill out the Nomination Form and send it to the SSDM Secretariat by the nomination deadline.
    The deadline for nomination has been extended to May 29, 2022. CLOSED
History of the SSDM Award
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