Invited Speakers

Focus Session 1 CMOS and Memory Applications of Low Dimensional Materials (Area 1, 2, 8)

The scope of this focus session includes novel applications of low-dimensional materials like hBN, graphene and TMDCs to break through the challenges in advanced CMOS and memory technologies. Novel concept devices based on the new materials will be also discussed both experimentally and theoretically.

Focus Session 2 Oxide Semiconductors for Logic and Memory (Area 1, 2, 10)

The scope of this focus session includes novel oxide semiconductors with innovative solutions for emerging logic and memory applications. Novel material, device concepts, and the integration with CMOS technology will be discussed.

Focus Session 3 Advanced devices, circuits, and system architectures for future computing systems (Area 2, 8, 9)

New applications such as neural networks and AI may require new computation strategies. Approaches to improve the performance of the future computing system will be discussed in this focused session, which include 2D materials, devices, computation algorithms, circuits, and system architectures,...etc.

Focus Session 4 Quantum and cold computing (Area 1, 2, 9)

This focus session is about quantum computing technologies including material research, device development, device modeling, and circuit design for cryogenic computing. From cutting-edge research to device demonstration, the current state of quantum computation will be discussed.

Focus Session 5 Heterogenous Integration for High Performance Computing; System, Material, Process and Chiplet (Area 1, 3)

The scope of this focus session includes novel design and system, innovative process and technology for advanced CMOS integration, and ultrafast interconnect methodology to develop high-performance computing systems. The current status and future potentiality of 3D as well as heterogenous integration to realize high-performance chiplet will be also given in this session to carve out a new future.