Online Registration

Online Registration: CLOSED

Registration during the conference period (Sept. 26 – 29)

We strongly recommend that you should complete your registration online in advance.
The registration desk will be open at the following place and time.

the 1st floor of Makuhari Messe International Conference Hall
September 26: 12:00 p.m. (noon) – 5:00 p.m. (JST) .
September 27: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (JST) .
September 28: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (JST) .
September 29: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (JST) .

You can download a receipt and certificate of attendance from your registration account page by Oct. 31, 2022 (JST) .
* Certificate of attendance is printed on the name badge.

Registration Fees

Conference ONLY
[ Sep. 27 (Tue) – Oct. 31 (Mon) (JST) ]
Conference + Short Course
[ Sep. 26 (Mon) – Oct. 31 (Mon) (JST) ]
Registration by
11:59PM, Aug. 28
(Japan time)
Registration on
and after Aug. 29
(Japan time)
Registration by
11:59PM, Aug. 28
(Japan time)
Registration on
and after Aug. 29
(Japan time)
Regular JSAP Member JPY50,000 JPY55,000 JPY65,000 JPY70,000
Non‐Member JPY55,000 JPY70,000
Senior / Student JSAP Member JPY15,000 JPY20,000 JPY20,000 JPY25,000
Non‐Member JPY20,000 JPY25,000
(Academic Organization
in Chiba Prefecture)
JSAP Member JPY15,000 JPY20,000 Free admission to Short Course
Non‐Member JPY20,000
  • * Tax included
  • * Senior: Those who are 70 years old or over.
  • * There are two choices for registration: “Conference ONLY” or “Conference + Short Course.”
  • 1) Registration fees for “Conference ONLY” includes Onsite/Online admission to all sessions without Short Course from Sept. 27–29, Extended Abstracts of Plenary/Invited/Regular Talks and On‐demand videos of all sessions without Short Course for about three months.
  • 2) Registration fees for “Conference + Short Course” includes Onsite/Online admission to all sessions with Short Course from Sept. 26–29, Extended Abstracts of Plenary/Invited/Regular Talks, Handouts of Short Course lectures and On‐demand videos of all sessions with Short Course for about three months.
  • 3) Students are required to submit a copy of valid student ID upon registration, and to present the ID at the registration desk on‐site. For details, see registration site.
  • 4) SSDM2022 has been adopted as a demonstration project supported by the Japan Tourism Agency. As a part of contributions to the host city required by the project, students from academic organizations (universities/colleges) in Chiba prefecture are welcome to attend SSDM2022 Short Courses for free of charge. Students from Chiba who wish to participate in Short Courses should select [ Student in Chiba ] from the Registration Fee categories.


Please refer to the hotels near the SSDM2022 Venue ( Makuhari Messe ) from the below link.


Registration will be completed only with full payment.

Since ID and password to access the conference platform will be issued only after your payment confirmed, payment by bank transfer must be completed by Aug. 21 (JST) in order to participate in the conference.

All payment must be paid only in Japanese yen.

Payment Method:

  • 1) Credit Card by Online
    Credit Card Available: VISA, Master Card, JCB, American Express or Diners only)
    (VISA, Master Card, JCB, American Express or Diners only)
    • * Please use a credit card which is valid at least until October 2022.
    • * Drawer of this online payment transaction will be “SSDM2022”. However, the name might be slightly changed depending on the card company.
    • * Credit card transactions might be recorded on your credit card statement about two to three months later due to system matter.
    • * Credit card payment will be processed through GMO Payment Gateway Inc.
  • 2) Bank Transfer : Not Available for the payment after August 21(JST).

    Bank Transfer Payment will be processed through GMO Payment Gateway Inc. The destination bank account GMO Aozora Net Bank.

    Bank Transfer Payment is available only in Japan. (Please note that the payment procedure pages are written only in Japanese.)

    • * Please note that the bank account No. will be unique to each participant. Therefore, please find your bank account No. on the procedure page of your My Page and complete the payment individually.
    • * A bank transfer must be made in full amount without any deductions for bank charges.
  • If you would like to pay by international transfer, please contact SSDM Registration Desk ( ssdm2022-regist).


You can download receipt from My Page by Oct. 31, 2022(JST). Please be noted that any request of sending receipts via email or postal mail is unacceptable.

Change & Cancellation Policy

After the payment of registration fee is completed, you cannot change or cancel your registration status online. Any changes or cancellation must be made in writing to SSDM Registration Desk ( ssdm2022-regist).

The date and time of the change and cancellation will be based on the working hours (Monday through Friday 10:00–17:00 [Japan time] except the National Holidays (Jul.18, Aug.11, Sept.19, Sept.23) in Japan). After working hours, cancellation will be made next day, which may incur charges.

* Registration
  • Before and on August 21 (JST) --- No Charge
  • On and after August 22 (JST) --- 100% of the registration fee/NO REFUND


Refunds will be made before the conference upon with deducting bank transfer fee, and/or credit card service charges and the cancellation penalties.
If payment was made by credit card, refund will be made to the same credit card.
If the payment was made by bank transfer, please inform us of your bank account.

Notice :

Refund of your payment will not be conducted automatically.
If refund occurs due to the change or cancellation of your registration, please contact SSDM Registration Desk ( ssdm2022-regist) with your name and Registration Number.

Access Information

ID and password to access the online conference platform will be informed by the middle of September.

Registration Desk

12F, Sumitomo‐shoji Kanda‐izumicho Bldg.,
1‐13 Kanda‐izumicho, Chiyoda‐ku, 101‐0024 Tokyo, JAPAN
E‐mail: ssdm2022-regist

Contact Information

SSDM2022 Registration desk
c/o KNT Corporate Business Co., Ltd. (KNT)
12F, Sumitomo‐shoji Kanda‐Izumi‐cho Bldg.,
1‐13 Kanda‐Izumi‐cho, Chiyoda‐ku, Tokyo, 101‐0024, JAPAN
E-mail: ssdm2022-regist
Office Hours:
Mon – Fri 10:00–17:00
Closed on Sat, Sun and National Holidays
* The date and time of the cancellation and changes will be based on the working hours.
Certified Travel Service Manager:
Tomokazu Mizuno (Mr.)
A Certified Travel Service Manager is responsible for supervising all transactions at the sales office where your travel arrangements are made.
If you have any questions about your travel contract, please feel free to contact the managers specified above.

Privacy Policy

Sales Department 6 Business headquarters
Kinki Nippon Tourist Corporate Business Co., Ltd. (KNT)

Hironori Hattori (Mr.)
Office Hours:
Monday to Friday 10:00–17:00
Closed on Sat, Sun and National Holidays