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About Tower Hall Funabori

You can see not only the whole city of Edogawa but also, in clear weather, Mt. Fuji and the mountains of Chichibu to the west, the new showplace of Tokyo Bay "Umi-hotaru" to the south, Mt. Tsukuba far away to the north-east and all the panoramas which a height of 103m from the ground level can offer. Each elevator that brings you up to and down from the observation rooms has a display showing its speed per minute and changing height from the ground level. It is also equipped with a vibration control system which minimizes the effects of wind, etc. In the event of an emergency such as an earthquake, the cameras set on the tower catch the exact situation of what's happening on the ground and report it to the control center to ensure that proper steps will be taken to meet the situation.

Tokyo Tower is clearly visible. In clear weather, you can see the mountain mass of Tanzawa and Mt. Fuji.

You see Tokyo Disneyland beyond the Edo River. Following downstream the river reflecting the setting sun, you come to Tokyo Bay.

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