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Papers are solicited in the following areas (=sub-committees) for SSDM 2004.

  1. Advanced Silicon Circuits and Systems
  2. Advanced Silicon Devices and Device Physics
  3. Silicon Process / Materials Technologies
  4. Silicon-on-Insulator Technologies
  5. New Materials and Characterization for Silicon LSIs
  6. Compound Semiconductor Materials and Devices
  7. Optoelectronic Devices and Photonic Crystal Devices
  8. Novel Devices, Physics, & Fabrication
  9. Quantum Nanostructure Devices and Physics
  1. Non-Volatile Memory Technologies
  2. SiGe/III-V/III-N Devices and Circuits for Wireless and Optical Communications
  3. System-Level Integration and Packaging Technologies
  4. Organic Semiconductor Devices and Materials
  5. Micro-Nano Electromechanical Devices for Bio- and Chemical Applications