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SSDM Secretariat:

SSDM Secretariat
C/O Inter Group Corp.
3rd Floor, East Tower, AKASAKA TWIN TOWERS,
17-22 Akasaka 2-chome, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 107-0052, Japan


Q1. Itried to upload my abstract and I am not sure if it has been properly uploaded after I clicked submit. How can I be sure that my abstract is properly submitted?

A1. When an upload is successful, you will be notified by a
1) upload confirmation webpage and
2) upload confirmation e-mail, sent to the e-mail address you have registered,
notifying you of the FILE NAME and SIZE that has been successfully uploaded. If you have not received the e-mail there is a high chance that your upload has NOT been successfully completed. You will receive the same message each time a modification is made.

Q2. I’d like to modify the paper that I have uploaded. May I ask the Secretariat to correct my information?

A2. The Secretariat does not modify submitter’s information or re-upload PDF file. Modifications and updating their PDF (re-uploading them) can be done through the “Correction” page by the submitters themselves with their Abstract No. and Password. Modifications can be made until the submission deadline.

Q3. I have made a mistake on the PDF I’ve submitted, but it has passed the deadline. May I ask the secretariat to replace my abstract PDF?

A3. We are really sorry to inform you that we do not allow submitters to make changes after the submission deadline.

Q4. I have submitted my paper to SSDM2013. When will I know the results?

A4. If your submission was made to Regular Paper, you will be notified around mid July. If your submission was to Late News, you will be notified around mid August.
In both cases you will be notified by e-mail whether your paper was accepted or rejected.

Q5. I am a student participating from overseas. Is there a financial support I can receive?

A5. There is limited financial support for students presenting their paper at SSDM2013. Please refer to our Financial Support for Overseas Students page for details.