SSDM 2009


Following two Rump Sessions have been organized on October 8 (Thursday) 19:00-21:30.

Session A (4F Hirose - Higashi)

“Novel Lithography for more Moore/beyond CMOS and More than Moore“
Organizer:  K. Masu (Tokyo Tech., Japan)
Moderator:  H. Wakabayashi (Sony Corp., Japan)
Y. Miyamoto (Tokyo Tech, Japan)
Panelist:  S. Okazaki (EUVA)
T. Endoh (Tohoku Univ.)
S. Tanaka (Tohoku Univ.)
T. Kozawa (Osaka Univ.)
T. Uchiyama (NEC Electronics Corp.)

Based on the discussion of orthodox lithography technology for ultimate CMOS, future of beyond CMOS technology is discussed then the novel lithography technology is foreseen with glances of beyond CMOS devices. Furthermore, lithography for toward more than Moore, such as 3D integration, MEMS integration, etc. are discussed.

Session B (4F Hirose - Nishi)

“Solar Cells for Electronics: from In-Vehicle to Ubiquitous“
Organizer: K. Ohashi (NEC Corp., Japan)
Moderator:  Y. Yoshida (AIST,Japan)
N. Usami (Tohoku Univ., Japan)
Panelist:  T. Motohiro (Toyota Central R&D Labs. Inc.)
  “What We Can Expect from Solar Cells”
S. Sugihara (Shonan Inst. of Tech.)
  “Possibility of Practical Solar Car? - Dankichi and Sunflower -”
S. Uchida (RCAST, Univ. of Tokyo)
  “Thin, Light-Weight Flexible Dye Sensitized Solar Cells”
S. Yoshikawa (Sharp Corp.)
  “Solar Cells for Mobile Phones”

Mass production of solar cells has boosted their market growth from several MW to more than 1 GW in the past quarter century. These cells present great promise as a clean, inexpensive electric power source for portable electronics applications. Future inexpensive lightweight photo voltaic devices are expected to change the electronic systems more ubiquitous ones by eliminating unnecessary electric wires.
In this rump session, we will invite presenters representing application and technology sides from all the areas of the 41st SSDM to provide a vision of “How new photovoltaic systems change the electronics and human societies.”