SSDM 2009


SSDM prepares three Awards for outstanding papers in past conferences as follows.

SSDM Award: The SSDM Award has been established to recognize outstanding contributions in the field of solid state devices and materials. One outstanding paper presented anytime between the 1st SSD conference in 1969 and the 37th SSDM conference.

SSDM Paper Award: The SSDM Paper Award will be given for the best paper presented at the conference last year.

SSDM Young Researcher Award: The SSDM Young Researcher Award will be given for outstanding papers authored by young researchers and presented at the conference last year.

Award Ceremonies

SSDM Award and SSDM Paper Award Ceremonies will be held immediately after the opening session of SSDM 2010 at 10:00AM on Sep. 22.
SSDM Young Researcher Award Ceremony will be held during Conference Reception, which will start at 18:10PM on Sep. 22, at TENKU Room, Tokyo Dome Hotel.