SSDM 2009


RUMP SESSIONS – September 23 (Thursday) 18:30-20:30

Session A (Room Sanjo Conference Hall)

“Will Carbon Create A New ICT Paradigm Beyond The Silicon Establishments?”

CNT and recently graphene have been attracting a considerable research interest even in Si community, though only high mobility or migration robustness will not reroute the way to step aside from the red brick wall. So, questions are, whether or not, (i) we will be able to muddle-through the present Si research blockade by welcoming a new friend, Mr. Carbon (a tough negotiator), (ii) carbon will really challenge to silicon giant by him/herself (Don Quixote), or (iii) carbon will create application frontiers Si tech has not been so far interested in (a western cowboy). This rump session will discuss challenges (optimistically) and opportunities (positively) of “carbon” for something new from above standpoint. Join our rump session just for a fun as well as for catching some for further Si tech advancement.

Organizer:  Y. Mochizuki (NEC)
Moderator:  A. Toriumi (Univ. of. Tokyo),
M. Nihei (AIST)

Session B (Room Sanjo Conference Hall)

“Silicon Solar Cells”
- Their key technologies and future prospects -

The era of solar energy is coming. Solar cells show a bright future as a clean and inexhaustible electric power source. Their production level has expanded more than 10 GW, and approximately 85% shipped solar cells were crystal and poly-crystal silicon solar cells in 2009. In this rump session, we will discuss the key technologies of silicon solar cells and foresee their future.

Organizer:  A. Yamada (Tokyo Tech, Japan)
A. Masuda (AIST, Japan)
Panelists:  M. Konagai (Tokyo Tech, Japan)
T. Sameshima (Tokyo Univ. of Agri. & Tech., Japan)
N. Usami (Tohoku Univ., Japan)
I. Sakata (AIST, Japan)